Winter break

In anticipation of the SIGGRAPH deadline on January 17, the public Mitsuba releases are now entering their annual “winter break”. This means that there probably won’t be any new releases in that time, plus  I may be slow in responding to email or bugtracker entries.

That is not to say that I’m taking a break :). Some exciting changes will be coming to this project — stay tuned!


  1. Good stuff! Just learning about this solid renderer. Thanks

  2. I hope there sun fireflies will be fixed, and maybe sss shader will be added. This is all I need. + mixing materials based on texture.

  3. Have a great Christmas for you and yours :)

    Mitsuba is pretty darn tasty.

  4. Have a good christmas and hopefully a new stable release soon!

  5. Hi there marry Xmas. :)

    There no forum for mitsuba??
    I wanted to use it for a commercial product.
    but it’s doest take the blender modifier….

    Anyway this is not right place to talk about that :)

    You renderer is awesome.

    marry Xmas. :) again

  6. any updates?

  7. Hey, if you’re ever going to update this can I ask for one thing? Blender integration. That would be brilliant. I know you said Maya/3DS but Blender is also free and I love your renderer so far.

    Anyways hope you had a good holiday! Can’t wait to see more even if it isn’t a blender plugin…

  8. I really hope to hear some news soon, its been a couple of months now and Siggraph deadline is over.

  9. Can an instance accept a reference to a bsdf? It’s not presented as a possible case in the documentation…
    I want to instance the geometry but give assign a different shader to each instance of my shapegroup.

    Thanks for the great renderer!

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