Heterogeneous volume datasets

Due to popular demand, I’m releasing two scenes that demonstrate how to render heterogeneous participating media with Mitsuba. The first one is a (relatively low-res) plume of smoke generated by my fluid solver.

Plume of smoke

The second example is the blue scarf dataset from our SIGGRAPH 2010 project. It demonstrates how to render with the anisotropic volume scattering framework presented in that paper, and it uses the micro-flake scattering model implemented in Mitsuba.

SIGGRAPH 2010 Scarf scene

Enjoy! :) You can find the scene files on the download page.


  1. Awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing the dataset. I think this will inspire more people to try modeling other types of fabrics:)

  2. Thanks for releasing these data sets. They should really shed some light on the heterogeneous file format Mitsuba expects.

  3. Whenever I see that scarf I get the urge to touch it …

  4. Scarf is incredible :) Nobody sees it isn’t real

  5. Daniel aus Österreich

    Thank you a lot :-) Always wanted to test smoke with Mitshuba.

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