Random picture of the day

Rough copper coated with a transparent varnish layer. Lit by the Preetham et al. sun & sky model.


  1. Kind off cool but model could be more interesting ; ). If you want I can send you this one:

    Btw. mitsuba seems to be fastest free rendering engine, so congrats. I hope cycles will have this speed some day. Maybe you could give some tips to brecht how to improve cycles …

    • I prefer a neutral material test ball for showing off materials. I’m actually pretty happy with the current model, but if somebody can improve it that might be useful as well.

  2. So sad, that Osx Leopard is not supported anymore.

    • you should still be able to compile it yourself, but without Python support. Python is sadly 32-bit only on Leopard, which is the reason for the switch.

      • 1. How do i compile Mitsuba for Leo?
        I mean an exact desription to build; im a noob compiler. The section in the pdf is not sufficient for me, sorry.
        2. What disadvantages i have, when Phython support is not there?

        Thanx Wenzel

  3. Hi Wenzel,
    i downloaded the build and the dependecies.
    I copied the config_ darwin x86_64.py into the mitsuba folder.
    I renamed it to config.py.
    In terminal i rooted to the mitsuba folder and wrote scons , but nothing happens(“-bash: $: command not found”)

  4. Just wondering if there’s anything new being developed with this rendering software. I would still like to see support for dispersion. It might also be cool to add support for things such as laser lights, and volume precedence.

    Also maybe experiment with new rendering techniques such as Bidirectional VCM and Adaptive Progressive Photon Mapping(Which has yet to be implemented into a 3D rendering program). Just some thoughts.

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