Mitsuba 0.1.3 released

Builds for a new version of Mitsuba are now available for download. This is mainly a bugfix release to address a serious regression in the material system. Other notable changes are:

  • Imported scenes now store relative paths
  • OBJ importing works on Windows
  • Realtime preview (OpenGL + RTRT) fixed for point sources
  • The anisotropic Ward BRDF is now supported in the preview
  • Faster texture loading
  • The renderer now has a testcase framework similar to JUnit


  1. Good work on the new release, having the .obj support is a nice feature for quickly checking scenes.

  2. In looking over the source, there appears to be (2) native textures (Checkboard and GridTexture). I tried applying these to the native shapes (Sphere, Cylinder) but got weird/unexpected results. Do the native shapes not generate UV coords or is it that the textures are not functioning at the moment?

  3. Interesting. They should have valid UV parameterizations and work with procedural textures. If you happen to have a scene demonstrating the problem, could you please upload it to the bugtracker? Thanks! –W

  4. Wenzel, I’m working on the Blender integration. I was looking for a central location to capture all plugin names, plugin parameters, and default values. It appears like the docs.xml has this information. Is this a good reference and will it be kept in sync with the current release?

  5. docs.xml has some information, though parts of it may be outdated. Your best bet for now is to get the information directly from the source code — just open the .cpp file of any plugin, and you will see all supported parameters together with descriptions in the constructor at the top.

    I’m currently working on some better documentation — stay tuned.

  6. Wenzel,

    It seems that whenever I start thinking that maybe I’m some kind of a smart guy, I run smack into a fascinating project powered by a far greater mind. I can only marvel at the brain power involved here.

    I am capable of making pretty pictures in Blender though, and your renderer will be a fine addition to our open source toolbox. You must come by our forums and introduce yourself sometime. You will be welcomed!



  7. Its a really interesting render you have there. I’m quite impressed with all the different renderers there are and the network rendering. Does network rendering work with all methods of rendering ? unbiased ? Its it all tile based too ? I tried to set it up but I couldn’t get master to find the servers.

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