Mitsuba 0.1.2 released

Builds for a new version of Mitsuba are now available for download. Highlights of this release are:

  • Numerous bugfixes
  • Significantly improved COLLADA importer: it should now be able to handle most scenes from Maya, 3ds max, Blender and SketchUp
  • Basic graphical user interface for running the importer
  • Initial documentation, including some on the import process (available on the documentation page)
  • Support for environment sources in the realtime preview
  • When pressing the stop button while rendering, the partially rendered scene now remains on the screen. Pressing the stop button a second time switches back to the realtime preview
  • The user interface now has a fallback mode when the graphics card is lacking some required OpenGL features.
  • Create default cameras/lightsources if none are specified in a scene
  • Support for file drag & drop onto the user interface
  • The Mitsuba user interface now also doubles as an EXR viewer / tonemapper. Drag an EXR file onto the UI or open it using the File menu, and the image opens in a new tab. Afterwards, it is possible to export the image as a tonemapped 8-bit PNG image.
  • The realtime preview now has a ‘force diffuse’ feature to improve convergence in scenes with lots of glossy materials.
  • Two different navigation modes can now be chosen in the program settings
  • New material types: composite, difftrans, transparent, mask.
  • ldrtexture: support for loading uncompressed BMP and TGA images.
  • Switch to Xerces-C++ 3

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  1. Very cool – I’ve been tracking the progress on the blender artists thread and just wanted to say that this looks great. thanks!

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