Material test scenes

The next release of Mitsuba will include documentation on many of the available plugins, especially materials. For this purpose, I’m currently modeling a material test scene to demonstrate the effects of various parameters in an intuitive way. Caution: programmer art follows!


As you can see, I’m rather bad at modeling and therefore open to any suggestions :)



  1. hi there.
    What I would like to know about materials:
    *what texture types are supported (bump, spec, normal, emit)?
    *texture mapping – is there UV support – and demo would be cool
    * IBL ligtning and HDR reflections – how to setpup these?
    * sss – i saw some files with sss in name but is there support for translucency and sss shader?
    Basically I would like to see these things in demo scene, plus maybe comments on thing that are not supported.

  2. Hi!
    I’m Japanese blender user, and just started to use Mitsuba.
    This project seems to be young, but I must say its awesome.
    So, I am translating the documentation.pdf to Japanese.

    Can I quote the images in the original pdf file to translated document?
    And Is there any problem if I post the translated document on my web page or blog?

  3. Hi,

    awesome! Feel free to use any images in the original document. They can also be found in the “doc” directory of the source code repository if that helps. Please let me know if you have even a partial version, and I will link to it in a future blog entry.


  4. Thank you for your permission to quoting. I almost finished the translation.
    But the looks of the document still needs to be fixed up.

    the translated document is here

    I’ll clean up the layout and insert the images.
    Some links for page transition will be added for reader’s convenience.

  5. Excellent! renderer magnificent, and it works fast!, I look forward to upcoming features, I tried to bring examples
    I like to try with Blender files, there is some export to blender?

  6. Hi Jan,

    I’m assuming you mean Blender->Mitsuba import, correct? Take a look at the importer chapter in the documentation.


  7. I would suggest a model similar to the luxball but with the mitsuba logo cut out of it. I could model it at some point if you want.

  8. Hi Wenzel, nice work.

    I really like the way in the video network rendering works. I tried setting it up putting in IP address of server machines but the master has trouble reaching them.
    I’ve added them to Microsoft security essentials and firewall and it still cannot connect.
    Also does network rendering work with all rendering methods ?

  9. Hi,

    the problem might be that you need to explicitly tell the server to bind to the correct interface / IP address.

    You can do that by running “mtssrv -i “. If you are starting the server via the user interface, there is a similar setting in the program preferences.


  10. How do I run “mtssrv -i” ? I tried typing “mtssrv -i” once I opened mtssrv.exe but it won’t allow me to type any commands in. I tried creating a shortcut with -i command but didn’t work either.

  11. Hi all,

    so it looks like, that here are the HDR background images supported. So how is it possible to use it?

    Greetings from Germany

  12. Hi Peter,

    you will need one of the high-res EXR environment maps by Paul Debevec in latitude-longitude format (

    Then you can simply write


  13. heh, looks like the spamfilter is a bit too effective :). What I meant to write was (please add less than & greater-than signs to make it proper XML)

    luminaire type=”envmap”
    string name=”filename” value=”myEnvmap.exr”

  14. Where can I download these scenes?

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