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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
342FeatureNewNormalSupport for pixel fill factorC├ędric Devivier11/04/2015 04:01 pm
335FeatureNewNormalField3D support07/09/2015 03:42 pm
333FeatureNewNormalEnhancement SuggestionWenzel Jakob06/11/2015 10:26 am
325FeatureNewNormalpreset material02/23/2015 10:58 pm
317FeatureNewNormalField Integrator with Non-RGB Mitsuba Builds12/12/2014 05:42 pm
309FeatureNewNormalopenvdb plugin10/28/2014 08:49 pm
271FeatureFeedbackNormalOverlapping media08/20/2014 10:21 am
289FeatureFeedbackNormalSensors and emitters in ShapeGroups07/22/2014 01:12 pm
290FeatureFeedbackNormalSupporting references to <transform> elements, and nested transforms.07/22/2014 01:08 pm
288FeatureNewNormalSpecify filename in the film plugin.07/14/2014 10:12 am
287FeatureNewNormalSpecify default camera on command line07/14/2014 10:09 am
233FeatureNewNormalsuggestions for manual and discoverability01/28/2014 12:06 am
210FeatureNewLowSome improved tonemapping and/or more stuff for more creative finalization?Wenzel Jakob11/14/2013 07:44 pm
199FeatureNewNormallight intensity in watt x efficency (lm) or lumen06/16/2013 05:22 pm
184FeatureNewNormalEnvionrment light improvement05/19/2013 03:22 pm
181FeatureNewNormalA list of requests :)05/11/2013 01:03 am


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