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Multiple BSDF references for OBJ shape

Added by George Kopanas almost 2 years ago.

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This is George Kopanas, I am working on creating an exporter from 3DS Max to Mitsuba XML and I came up to this problem:

I am trying to reference multiple BSDFs inside an obj shape like this:

<bsdf id="AE22_002_77" name="AE22_002_77" type="twosided">
[...BSDF declaration...]


<shape type="shapegroup" id="AE22_002_tree_001_high.obj">
<shape type="obj">
<string name="filename" value="AE22_002_tree_001_high.obj"/>
<ref id="AE22_002_73"/>
<ref id="AE22_002_74"/>
<ref id="AE22_002_75"/>
<ref id="AE22_002_76"/>
<ref id="AE22_002_77"/>
<ref id="AE22_002_78"/>

The .obj has the corresponding names of the materials to the objects to be assigned but instead of every object getting the correct material, all the objects get assigned to the first material. If I copy paste the BSDFs declaration instead of referencing them the materials get assigned correctly, so I am assuming I am not referencing something correctly or there is a limitation in the number of references that can be handled.

All best,

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